The Basement

A small basement scene that was built in Unity 5. I used the assets from the Fatigue but increased the resolution of the textures a bit.

Project Fatigue

My personal project that I've been working on now for almost a year. I'm aiming to make a new kind of horror game which still gets allot of it's inspiration from old survival horrors. Everything in this game is currently made by me but I'm using Adventure Creator which eases a burden on a script side tremendously. All the texture work has been done with substance painter and modelling with blender.

Kayak Trip

Footage from my graduation project. Everything in this little game was done by me excluding voice acting. I was aiming to make something atmospheric and to tell just a little story on a side. It was really fun to make and I learned more about scripting and improved my modeling and texturing into more standardized and quick pipeline.

Colossal Gladiator Arena

A Unity asset package I made during summer. For modelling I used Blender and for texturing Substance Painter and ofcourse to but everything together I used Unity 5. Package is on sale in Unity Asset Store and it can be found here. Package was featured in #New on Asset Store - The cream of the new Asset Store crop.

Underdog Rising

This game demo was a result of 7-week game project we had in school. We were aiming to make scifi-gladiator game were you would fight against enemies which get bigger in every fight. We managet to get two enemies and areenas ready. I did the most of the environment art and all scripting. I allso modeled, textured and animated one of the enemies "Root Monster".