My name is Samuli Jolkio, and I'm 24 years old game development graduate from Finland. For my whole life I've been interested in video games and their graphics. Making little game demos and computer graphics first started as a hobby but eventually I ended up studying game development to North-Karelia college. I have just graduated and currently I'm really looking out for stepping in to a working life.

I'm interested in the whole process of making games but I mainly have focused on modeling and texturing. Living and beautiful environments and sceneries are what I admire and what I aim to create. I'm constantly trying to improve my work and find ways to optimize my workflow.


Next Games Ltd

Art Trainee (5 months)

The Walking Dead - No Mans Land

Modelling and texturing assets for the game. Assistance on projects environment art.

Software knowledge

  • Blender
  • 3ds Max 2012-2013
  • ZBrush
  • Adobe Photoshop cs5
  • XNormal
  • Substance Painter

Game Engines

  • Unity
  • UDK

You can contact me with an email:

Or by phone:

+358 44 550 3231